Adjustable Pulleys

Commercial Functional Trainer Dual Adjustable Pulley China Manufacturer

  • Commercial Heavy Duty Dual Adjustable Pulley Trainer
  • Two 100kg weight stacks in 5kg increments
  • Premium Full Length Rubber Grip Pull Up Bars with Support Steps
  • Metal shrouds, metal eject pins, commercial grade cable and bushing bearing pulleys

The Functional Trainer has been engineered to be an ultra-smooth dual adjustable pulley that will stand out in any commercial training facility. The heavy-duty design ensures it is ideal for sports team facilities, commercial gyms, PT studios, or as a multi-purpose coach in a hotel or school setting.
Functional trainers offer a variety of cable exercises and come with a wide range of accessories. Accessories include; One Hardened Chrome Double Clamp Squat Bar, One Hardened Chrome Double Clamp EZ Bar, Several Different Nylon Handles Including Long and Short Stirrup Handles, Ankle Attachments, Golf Club Handles, 2 Hardened Chrome Stirrup Handles, Double tricep cords with step support for easy access to premium full-width rubber grip pull-up handles.
The functional trainer has two numbered 100kg weight groups in 5kg increments. It comes with an exercise chart and metal shield that can be removed but provides safety for other users in a commercial setting. The functional trainer has no plastic spring pins or any of the inferior components commonly found on cheaper dual pulleys or functional trainers and comes with ionized metal weight stacking pins, metal spring pins on the pulleys, bushing bearing pulleys, and commercial-grade cables. The frame is constructed from 11 gauge/3mm steel with a matte Nero powder coat finish and has a lifetime frame warranty.

Dual adjustable pulley system

With the dual adjustable pulley system, you can adjust the resistance to different levels for bodyweight workouts. The device is designed for training small muscle groups and single muscles as well as combining upper and lower body exercises. With the optional shoulder strap accessory, you can also use this device to train your legs. The most common exercise you can do with this device is the standing chest press, but you can also use it for squats and other exercises that involve upper and lower body movements.

The dual adjustable pulley system includes a main cable 12 connected to a first directional pulley 20 . It is also connected to a second directional pulley system comprising a second pair of stationary pulleys 48 and 50 . The first directional pulley is attached to the handle 16 on the upper end of the main cable.

To reduce the mechanical advantage of the secondary movable pulley system, the secondary cable 54 is connected to the bayonet 38 . The secondary cable will move the floating pulley 44 down as the bayonet moves. This reduces the mechanical advantage of the system to about one or two.

The Dual Adjustable Pulley System is a new type of exercise machine that combines cable and pulley technology. Adjustable pulley systems include counterweights, frame, pulleys and cables. The main movable pulley system engages the weight stack through a handle at the first end and a fixed end at the other end. The cables also engage a series of directional pulleys on the counterweight stack.