300 Series Inline Planetary Gear Reducer Replacement Bonfiglioli 300L1 300L2 300L3 300L4 300R2 300R3 300R4

Replacement Bonfiglioli Models

303L3-HC 305L2-HZ

The 300L series and 300R series planetary gearboxes can be interchangeable with the following models of Trasmital Bonfiglioli

300L 1 300L 2 300L 3 300L 4 300R2 300R3 300R4
301L 1 301L 2 301L 3 301L 4 301R2 301R3 301R4
303L 1 303L 2 303L 3 303L 4 303R2 303R3 303R4
305L 1 305L 2 305L 3 305L 4 305R2 305R3 305R4
306L 1 306L 2 306L 3 306L 4 306R2 306R3 306R4
307L 1 307L 2 307L 3 307L 4 307R2 307R3 307R4
309L 1 309L 2 309L 3 309L 4 309R2 309R3 309R4
310L 1 310L 2 310L 3 310L 4 310R2 310R3 310R4
311L 1 311L 2 311L 3 311L 4 311R2 311R3 311R4
313L 1 313L 2 313L 3 313L 4 313R2 313R3 313R4
315L 1 315L 2 315L 3 315L 4 315R3 315R4
316L 1 316L 2 316L 3 316L 4 316R3 316R4
317L 1 317L 2 317L 3 317L 4 317R3 317R4
318L 1 318L 2 318L 3 318L 4 318R4
319L 1 319L 2 319L 3 319L 4 319R4
321L 1 321L 2 321L 3 321L 4 321R4

Performance of 300 Series Inline Planetary Gear Reducer

Tipo Torque Nm
300L 300L1, 300L2, 300L3, 300L4 1000
301L 301L1, 301L2, 301L3, 301L4 1750
303L 303L1, 303L2, 303L3, 303L4 2500
305L 305L1, 305L2, 305L3, 305L4 5000
306L 306L1, 306L2, 306L3, 306L4 8500
307L 307L1, 307L2, 307L3, 307L4 12500
309L 309L1, 309L2, 309L3, 309L4 18000
310L 310L1, 310L2, 310L3, 310L4 25000
311L 311L1, 311L2, 311L3, 311L4 40000
313L 313L1, 313L2, 313L3, 313L4 55000
315L 315L1, 315L2, 315L3, 315L4 100000
316L 316L1, 316L2, 316L3, 316L4 135000
317L 317L1, 317L2, 317L3, 317L4 170000
318L 318L1, 318L2, 318L3, 318L4 250000
319L 319L1, 319L2, 319L3, 319L4 350000
321L 321L 1, 321L2, 321L3, 321L4 500000


300L series inline planetary gear reducer is the best gearbox solution for all high torque applications requiring minimum size, such as fixed industrial equipment and heavy self-propelled machines. This planetary gear transmission solution is much better than the ordinary gearbox in terms of space occupation and weight. The transmission has high performance, low cost and compact size, excellent reliability, simple installation and reduced maintenance. Nb300l series planetary gear boxes are available in a variety of sizes to ensure optimal duration and quiet operation in a variety of applications.
The 300l series inline planetary gear reducer also offers a high-power version that links the performance of our planetary technology to the high quality and reliability of the gearbox: compared with traditional gear units, this solution is more efficient, quieter, more compact and more cost-effective.

Product Benefits of 300 Series Inline Planetary Gear Reducer

1. Compact design, high torque density
2. Low backlash, high torsional stiffness
3. Low moment of inertia, high dynamics
4. High efficiency, low noise
5. Excellent cost-performance rate
6. Easy motor mounting with clamping connection
7. Maintenance free. universal mounting

Applications of 300 Series Inline Planetary Gear Reducer

1. Roller presses
2. Slewing gear drives
3. Bucket wheel drives
4. Apron conveyor drives
5. Agitator drives
6. Travelling gear drives
7. Rotary kiln drives
8 Central drives for tube mills

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R&D: Participated in 863 National Plan, mainly responsible for industrial robot joint reducer, aswell as solar tracking reducer

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